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What are cookies files?

Cookies are quite small text files sent by websites, which an Internet user visits, to the user’s equipment. Cookies are also used by services which we refer to showing e.g. multimedia.

Which cookies files do we use?

The Polskie Eko Zagrody website uses efficiency cookies i.e. aiming at collecting information about the way of using the website to make it work better, as well as functional cookies i.e. enabling to ‘remember; the user’s setting (e.g. language the size of font). The cookies files on the website of Polskie Eko Zagrody are used only in the following range:

  • cookies - Statistics for the Polskie Eko Zagrody website, 
  • Session cookies (they expire after ending the session) storing information concerning:
    • Messages appearing for the users on the screen in interactive units such as forms,
    • Shown banners which are to appear only once,
    • Logging the user to the panel of the website,

Polskie Eko Zagrody enables other subjects to use the cookies function on the website. There are e.g. subjects enabling the so-called ‘social plug-ins, especially the services like Facebook, Youtube’.

In the Internet browser the settings concerning cookies can be changed. The lack of change in these settings means the acceptance of the cookies used here.

How to disable the cookies files in the browser?

How to disable the cookies files in the mobile equipment?


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